Permanent Faculty

Prof. Sanjib Pattnaik

Name :                    Dr. Sanjib Pattnaik
Designation :            Adjunct Faculty
Qualification :           MFC, M.Phill, Ph.D
Mob. No. :                  9437028081
Email :           

Brief Profile

Dr. Sanjib Pattnaik has done his Master in Finance and Control (MFC) from Utkal University in the year 1996 -98. He has also done his M.Phil in Business Administration under Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, after completing his B. Com (Accountancy) from the Utkal University. He has awarded PhD on “Performance Measurement through EVA: A Study of Indian Software Industry” under Utkal university. He has more than fourteen years of teaching experience. He is currently undergoing some research projects in the field of accounting and operation management.

Area of Interest
Economic Value Added, Environmental Accounting.

Research Interest
Management Control System, Corporate Financial Reporting & Strategic Management Accounting

Training and Consulting Interest
Portfolio Management, Project Appraisal and Risk Management.

Publication Books
Corporate Governance and Shareholder Value Analysis” in ‘ The journal of Accounting & Finance’ vol. 17, no. pp-73 to 80.
“Financial Restructuring” ‘ Vision’, vol, XX, III No. 1-2, pp. 61-67, 2003
“Value Reporting” – A Perceptive Study in India” ‘The Journal of Accounting & Finance, Vol. 18, No. 2, pp-51 to 60, 2004.
“Intellectual Capital Disclosure” in ‘Intellectual Capital – Accounting and Managing Issues in the Indian Contest’, edited by P. Sarvanan, Goa Institute of Management, Goa . Published by Tata McGraw Hill, 2004.
“Index Revision and Surrounding Market Dynamics” in PES Business Review, Vol. 1, Issue-1, January 2006.
“Extensible Business Reporting Language” in the Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 32-38, July-Dec 2005.
Pattnaik, S. & Mohanty, M. “Index Revision and Surrounding Market Dynamics”, PES Business Review, Vol. 1, Issue 1, January, 2006.
“Integrated Curriculum in Management Education-The Balanced Scorecard Approach”, The Research Network, September2006, Vol.1 No.1

•“Beyond Environmental Accounting: The Tripple Bottom Line Appraoach” in The Accounting World, Vol.7 Issue 1, pp:7-15, January 2007

Publication Seminar / Conferences
. National Seminar on “Changing Outlook In Management Practices”, organized by IMIS, Bhubaneswar on 6th August 2005.
National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Business Administration”, organized by IBCS on March 2005.
“Beyond Environmental Accounting: The Triple Bottom Line Approach” at the 27th All India Accounting Conference & International Seminar on December 18¬19, 2004, organized by the P.G. Department of Commerce, Utkal University in collaboration with ICWAI, Kolkata.
“Academic Governance in 21st Century” at the National Seminar on ‘Academia Industry Interface’ organized by ISTE & Nilachal Polytechnic on 22nd March 2003.
“Index Revision and Surrounding Market Dynamics” in PES Business Review, Vol. 1, Issue-1, January 2006.
“Balance Scorecard – An Integrated Modell?r Quality Improvement – A Case Study of Siksha ‘0’ Anusandhan” at the 13 World Congress on ‘Total Quality’, organized by Institute of Directors from 14th to 16th February 2003 at Mumbai.
National Conference on ‘Managing Change’, organized by IMIS, Bhubaneswar on 2003.
“FINCON’ 03”, National Conference on ‘Corporate Governance in the New Millennium’, organized by Master of Finance and Control, P.G. Department of Commerce, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, 2003.
“XBKL – The Digital Language of Business”, at the National Conference on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in Finance and Accounting’, organized by AICTE in association with IBCS on 27th & 28th January 2003 at Bhubaneswar.
“Corporate Governance and Shareholder Value Analysis”, at the National Conference on ‘Corporate Governance – Vision 2020’, organized by Siksha ‘0’ Anusandhan, Bhubaneswar,2002.
“Intellectual Capital Disclosure” in the International Conference on ‘Intellectual Capital – Accounting and Managing Issues in the Indian Context’, organized by Goa Institute of Management, Goa, 2002.
“Six Sigma – A Tool for Competitive Advantage” at the National Seminar on ‘Competing through Cost Leadership’, organized by School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad on 3rd & 4th October, 2002.
“Financial Restructuring – A Case Study of OPGC’ at the National Seminar on ‘Perspectives for Millennium Corporate Restructuring’, organized by Department of Commerce, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar on March 9th & 10th, 2002.

FDP/MDP Attended/Organised
Attended “Motivation & Development of Quality Education” organized by IBCS delivered by Er. K. G. Mishra, Quality Meters from 28 th –30 th April2003.
Attended Financial Engineering” organized by IBCS from15th – 20 th February2004.
Attended “Personal Effectiveness &Human Resource Development” organized by IBCS delivered by Prof. P.K.Mishra, Utkal University from15th-20th March2004.
Organized 14 days AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme on “” during 17-30 th June 2004.
Attended “Institutional Building” organized by Sikshya ‘O’ Anusandhan, delivered by Prof. R.P. Mohanty, VP (HR), ACC, Dr.A.K. Behera , MD , IPICOL from 06 th –08 th September 2004.
Attended “Organization & Development” organized by IBCS delivered by Er. K. G. Mishra, Quality Meters, New Delhi from13th-15 th May2005.
Attended “Improving Organisational Health & Effectiveness” organized by Sikshya ‘O’ Anusandhan, Bhubaneswer on 30 th March 2007.
Attended “Personal effectiveness through Self-Awareness and Innovation” organized by IBCS, SOA University on 10- 11 th April, 2009 .

Prof. Munmun Mohanty

MBA, Ph.D, Utkal University

Prof. Munmun Mohanty holds an MBA degree with dual specialisation in Finance and Marketing from Utkal University. After working in the corporate for three years she shifted to academics and completed her Ph.D. in the area of stock market efficiency. She has been in academics for more than 12 years now. She is an avid researcher in the area of finance and has published about 20 articles in journals of repute. She takes keen interest in attending national and international conferences to update herself with the new developments in the area of finance and management. She conducts training programmes for corporates to train non-finance executives. She is now heading Ravenshaw Business School.

Laxmi Narayan Das

Laxmi Narayan Das holds an MBA degree from Sambalpur University. He has around 12 years experience of teaching to MBA students and consulting experience behind him. Published around 15 conceptual and research papers in leading national and international journal. Also advise a leading educational portal ( on freelance basis. Currently authoring a book on Green Marketing for a prestigious publication house from Germany. Reviewer to few international journals. Advisor to few upcoming projects in education industry. Founder member of ICFAI chapter of Odisha State. Currently he holds the position of Lecturer in Marketing of RBS.

Sajeet Pradhan

Sajeet Pradhan is a Mining Engineer (Orissa School of Mining Engineering) & MBA (KIIT University). He is currently pursuing his PhD from IIT Kharagpur. His research areas are Leadership and Spirituality.He is a well known Soft Skills Trainer and has trained more than 5000 students and corporate employees. Some of the key training clients include Satyam Technologies Pvt.Ltd., ORG MARG, CRR, Pasupati Group, KIIT University, S’OA University, & DAV school. He has also worked with Mindspace Human Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. as HR Officer and KIIT University as a Soft Skills Trainer. He has authored two book chapters and published several articles in leading national and international journals. His book on Campus Placement has been warmly received by several engineering colleges and B-schools. Currently, he holds the position of Lecturer (HR/OB) at Ravenshaw Business School.He is also UGC-NET qualified.



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  • Pradhan, S. & Pradhan, R. K. (2013). Personality and Whistle-Blowing: Understanding a Whistle-Blower. A paper presented at XXIII Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, 13th -15th Dec.
  • Pradhan, S. & Kantha, R. (2013). Swarm Intelligence: Utilizing the Wisdom of Crowd to Solve Business Problems. A paper presented at AICTE sponsored National Seminar on “Soft Computing: The Panorama of Possibilities” NIIS Bhubaneswar, 1st -2nd June.(ISBN:978-81-31703-83-6)
  • Pradhan, S. & Pradhan, R.K. (2013). Spirituality and Organizational Commitment: A Conceptual Discourse. A paper presented at AICTE sponsored National Seminar on “A symbiosis of Ethical Integrity & Corporate Excellence: A Step Beyond the Boundaries” NIIS Bhubaneswar, 18th -19th May.
  • Pradhan, S. & Pradhan, R.K. (2013). Workplace Spirituality and Deviant Workplace Behaviours: Lessons from Age-Old Wisdom. A paper presented at 4th International Conference on “Integrating Spirituality & Organizational Leadership(ISOL)”, XIM Bhubaneswar, 10th -12th Jan.(ISBN: 978-81-920639-3-5)
  • Pradhan, S. & Pradhan, R.K. (2013).Karma-Yoga (Spirit at Work) and Job Attitudes: Applying Indian Wisdom to Today’s Business Problems. A paper presented at “IIMK HR Summit 2013”, IIM Kozhikode, 8th -10th Feb.(ISBN: 978-93-82951-20-9)
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  • Pradhan, S. & Pradhan, R. K. (2011). Sexual Harassment at Workplace. PsyInsight- Indian Association of Health, Research & Welfare, 2(3), 25.
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  • MHRD/AICTE sponsored Summer School on “Planning & Managing HR: Tools & Techniques” (24July-5 Aug, 2009), IIT Kharagpur.
  • MHRD/AICTE sponsored Short term course on “Educational Leadership” (14-20 Sept, 2009), IIT Kharagpur.
  • College Teachers’ Meet (23-25Feb, 2013), Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.
  • Training for Trainers (ToT) Programme on Entrepreneurship Development (27th May-8th June, 2013), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.
  • Workshop on Facilitating Ethics Education in Technical & Business Schools(17-18th Feb,2014), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata


  • Invited as Resource Person for the Management Development Programme on “Identifying Training Needs and Training Need Analysis” & “Competency Mapping” in IIT Kharagpur on 18th Sept 2013.
  • Invited as Resource Person for the Short Term Workshop on “Emotional Intelligence & Organizational Excellence” in IIT Kharagpur on 06th June 2013.
  • Acted as a Rapporteur in a technical session at 4th International Conference on “Integrating Spirituality & Organizational Leadership (ISOL)”, XIM Bhubaneswaron11th Jan, 2013.
  • Imparted Lecture on the topic “Leadership & Team Building” in VISWAS B-School on 5th Nov, 2010.
  • Imparted Lecture on the topic “Importance of Soft Skills in meeting the present challenges of HRM practices” in IBCS B-School of S ‘O’A University on 14th March, 2009.

Ms.Dipti Rekha Mohapatra

Faculty in HRM and OB

Ms.Dipti Rekha Mohapatra is Masters in Economics, MBA and Law. Currently she is pursuing Doctorate in Law (Labour Law) under Utkal University. Ms. Mohapatra has more than ten years of experience as a legal counsel in High Court of Orissa and other subordinate courts. She has also teaching experience of more than eight years in various premier management institutes and Law colleges. Her areas of interest include HRM, OB, Business Law and Economics. She has presented various papers concerning her areas of interest. Her articles are also published in leading journals. Ms. Mohapatra is a life members of Indian Society of Labour Economics and Social Security Association of India.

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